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AUS vs ENG 26th Match, T20 WC 2022

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3:30 PM IST | So that's an end to a wearisome day. None of the two matches really got the 'Get set go' signal from the match officials and it's the rain that spoiled the event between one of the greatest rivals of the game - England and Australia. 

We shall be back tomorrow for the live coverage of the T20 World Cup 2022 and the 8th edition of WBBL. Until then, it's a somber adios from me, Arijit Kundu, co-commentator AkshayaKrishna Polya, and scorers/analysts Zeeshan Naiyer and Paras Yadav.
Jos Buttler (England Captain)"Yeah, absolutely. This was a full house against Australia on a famous ground in the biggest game of your career but disappointed not to get the game. I was excited to get this 100th T20I cap in MCG, but unfortunately, it hasn't happened. Majorly we played well. We don't become a bad team overnight. But it was disappointing last night against Ireland. The guys have been performing well. The guys would get the rest now. We have a couple of days before the next game. We have a few extra days off now before the next game in Brisbane. Yesterday was a long day as we travelled. We again travel tomorrow to Brisbane. A day off before getting a couple of net sessions to keep going and we will look forward to the next game." 
Aaron Finch (Australia Captain): "Yeah the outfield was obviously taking a drenching in the last couple of weeks. The run-ups were an issue, and around the ground in a few more places. The patches near the Member's end were an issue.

It is more about the player's safety. One of the Zimbabweans went down the other day, means, if you try to run out there, and someone stops, that is going to be an issue. The amount of rain the east coast of Australia has taken has been amazing. Obviously, we the players were always ready for the game.

He [Matthew Wade] needs people around him to make him entertained. The last couple of years have been fortunate that we have looked at ourselves during the covid times. First and foremost you need to try and win the game. We can never underestimate Ireland, you can never underestimate Afghanistan. They have some amazing players. We can overplay the situation at times, and just try to get the maximum control."
Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, and Glenn Maxwell, the superheroes of this game, are seen taking selfies with the spectators.
3:19 PM IST | The match has been abandoned!!❌
Aaron Finch and Jos Buttler shake hands and share a point each.
3:13 PM IST | The rain has got heavier and the covers are on top of the strip. Aleem Dar still has his umbrella around his shoulders.
Jack: Blue Blistering Barnacles!! 😤 Thundering Typhoons!! 😤😤😤 (in Captain Haddock's tone).
3:06 PM IST | It's raining again at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Aleem Dar has switched on his umbrella ☔️. Seems like we have a lot of dullness to end the day.
2:55 PM IST | The next inspection will be at 8:50 PM Local Time (3:20 PM IST).
Akshaya: Fingers are crossed!! Don't really think match can happen.
2:51 PM IST |  Aaron Finch and Jos Buttler have been called out at the center. The face of the two captains doesn't reflect happiness. Both the skippers, along with the umpires walks back to the dressing room in disarray.
2:45 PM IST | The umpires have come back onto the field for the inspection. The three umpires are having an inspection on the ground. Seems like Aleem Dar is not happy with the wet patches around. It's soggy on the western part of the field.
2:08 PM IST | The two umpires are having a chat with both the captains... Hope that we don't get any bad news. MATCH DELAYED DUE TO WET OUTFIELD.

NEXT INSPECTION WILL BE AT 8:15 PM local time (2:45 PM IST).
2:05 PM IST | The Umpires are hovering on the ground, checking on the water logged in at certain areas. Even Aaron Finch is having a look at the landing area.
1:40 PM IST | The covers are coming off! The ground staff are working hard to get this match underway sometime later. A lot of water puddles in the ground and the super sopper is doing its job now.
Glenn Maxwell: "(Talking about Stoinis) It was simply incredible. We know he has that kind of power, but for him to come out, even though the conditions weren't ideal for batting, was outstanding. That's what we've always talked about - the middle-order trying to make an impact on the game no matter how many balls are in play, and he certainly did that. The fact that they were able to see it through to the end and break Australia's fastest fifty record was incredible to watch.

(On his batting) I feel like I peaked just in time. We had 15 games in six weeks before the tournament started, and the guys were exhausted from their extensive travel around the world. It's exciting to be able to enter the tournament, hit the ball really well in the practice game and then start off quite well in the first two games. (On tonight's game) The other night galvanised us all, knowing that no matter what situation we find ourselves in, we have guys who can play the role and win the game from any position. We were probably not at our brilliant best in all three areas, but we feel like we're getting closer to that perfect game. I noticed that no one else was doing any wicketkeeping practice, so I decided to pick up a pair of gloves while I was at Kookaburra. Wade will be fine tonight, I'm confident."
1:27 PM IST | The news is that the rain has eased out. The covers are slowly coming off (covers from the bowler's run-up area). But the outfield is wet, and the sky has gone darker!
Akshaya: A quick answer, sorry buddy, you are hoping too much! Only a matter of time before this match gets abandoned. 
Arijit: I know it's better to have a game than not, but a 5-over-side game doesn't demand any huge analysis or something for predictions. It seems too short a sample size to predict thinkable.🤷🏼‍♂️ Anyone can win it.
Probuddha: Jack I think you should put a 'full stop' to your lame jokes.😤 Quick questions, Akshaya and Arijit, if a 5-over side game happens, who do you see having an upper edge?