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AFG vs NZ 21st Match, T20 WC 2022

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3:52 PM IST | It's raining cats and dogs now, and umpires Paul Wilson, Kumar Dharamsena, and Adrian Holdstock along with match referee Ranjan Madugalle have come to the conclusion of abandoning this encounter between New Zealand and Afghanistan.

It's a shame that rain has played the spoilsport in both encounters today. Perhaps, one of the side-effects of having a double header in the same venue. New Zealand and Afghanistan share a point each. 

It's your guy, Arijit Kundu, signing off in despair alongside revered co-commentator, AkshayaKrishna Polya in utter despair, and star scorer analyst Zeeshan Naiyer with a better magnitude of disappointment. A poor way to end the eve and we wish to see less of it in the near future. Thank You, stay tuned to our network for all other happenings, until then it's a farewell from us.
3:50 PM IST | The match has been officially abandoned.
3:41 PM IST | The next inspection is at 3:50 PM IST (9:20 PM Local Time).
3:36 PM IST | The cut-off time for a 5-overs game per side is 4:34 PM IST (10:04 PM AUS). The rain needs to stop as soon as possible as the ground staff will need around 30-35 minutes to make the conditions suitable for play.
3:23 PM IST | The rain is back and is doing a hokey pokey at the MCG.
3:16 PM IST | There's an inspection at 3:30 PM IST (9:00 PM AUS)
2:50 PM IST| The rain is back and the covers are on.
2:36 PM IST | Next inspection is at 2:50 PM IST! 
2:31 PM IST |  The onfield umpires are having an inspection now. Kumara Dharmasena is testing the outfield on the squares. The covers are slowly coming off.
2:24 PM IST | We have news from the ground that the pitch inspection is set to take place at 2:30 PM IST. 
Apart from today, we also have a doubleheader on Friday here at the MCG, where Afghanistan will play Ireland first, and then England will play Australia.
2:19 PM IST | The dark clouds are back and you never know when the rain pops out.
2:10 PM IST | Despite a few scattered dark clouds, the covers have been put off.
1:56 PM IST | The rain has eased out, and the umpires are out to have an inspection.
Jonathan Trott (Afghanistan Coach): "In the previous match, they bowled very well upfront, and our boys need to make a little bit of adjustment according to the conditions. Fantastic opportunity for them, it's a great place to come and play cricket. I think under the nights, they need to get a little better and not just for today but also on Friday. For me, I will say we need to put good 40 overs game and hope to defeat New Zealand tonight."
Glenn Phillips: "Yeah absolutely phenomenal win against Australia in the first game. Every different ground here brings a different challenge. I think the bowlers need to make plans according to that. For everyone that comes, I try to make the right choice on the right ball and make the execution proper. Yeah, it's a great challenge. The spinners from Afghanistan are of great quality. We have to make the right decisions and yeah haha, I will try to do a great job."
1:29 PM IST | The previous match between England and Ireland has been called off, with Ireland eking out a five-run win on DLS. While this match is to get started, it needs the rain to stop. The covers are firmly on. 
As per ICC rules, there should be a gap of 30 minutes between the matches played on the same ground.
1:12 PM IST | It's raining heavily at MCG and the previous game between England and Ireland is paused with 33 more balls to unfurl (if no overs are lost).
1:00 PM IST |  Hello and Welcome to live coverage between Afghanistan and New Zealand at the MCG Stadium, Melbourne. There's some delay in the start of the match, as the previous game between England and Ireland is yet to finish. It had rain interruptions and therefore the cause of delay. Both the games are being played at the same venue on a doubleheader Wednesday today.