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IND vs PAK 16th Match, T20 WC 2022

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India won by 4 wickets ๐Ÿ†
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V Kohli
4s: 6
6s: 4
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4s: 0
6s: 0
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M Nawaz

Econ: 10.50
18th Over:
= 17
Last Over:
= 15
This Over:
= 16

Player of the Match

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Virat Kohli
INDIND - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4631
10 Over 6045
15 Over 90100
PAKPAK - 1st Innings
6 Over 4632
10 Over 6160
15 Over 101106
20 Over 150159


Inn 1
Inn 2
Words fall short to describe an event like this. India ๐Ÿ†š Pakistan and what can be a better treat to Indian and cricket fans to have witnessed a match like this? 

One gotta feel for Pakistan. They came so close, fought well after losing their two stalwart openers in the first innings, pushed the scoreboard to a commendable total. They came back removed four of the top order of India early, and later it was Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya, especially the former who snatched victory from their hands.

We shall await for some more actions like this from the T20I World Cup, so stay tuned to the OneCricket network. Arijit Kundu in charge, signing off alongside co-commentator Akshaya Krishna Polya and scorer/analyst Zeeshan Naiyer. Tata!! Goodbye!! Warm wishes to India and Pakistan, for the upcoming encounters.
Rohit Sharma | India Captain: "I was in the dressing room, and I have no voice to talk. Yeah, absolutely. In these types of pressure games, you need to back yourselves and find a way to get the momentum. You shouldn't panic in these crucial situations, and that was the need of the hour. You know Virat and Pandya, with the experience they have, it was down to them. The partnership between them was crucial at that moment. The 100-plus stand between Virat and Pandya, you need to give it a salute. From there, it turned.  There was something in the pitch. There was excellent carry. There is some swing and seam. We put them under some strain. From a bowling standpoint, this is encouraging. They batted well in the final innings. But we knew we had to run like hell to catch this. Those two guys have a lot of experience. It was critical to remain calm and take the game seriously. That boosts our confidence. It's always important to get off to a good start. We had no chance of winning this. It is Virat Kohli's best knock for India. I would expect nothing less from the Australian crowd wherever we go."
Babar Azam | Pakistan Captain: "Definitely, this was a tight game. We started well in the bowling. We were in the game throughout. Credits to Hardik and Virat for the way they played and put us under pressure. Definitely, it was a difficult pitch to start, and we were under par for the most part of the innings. Credits to Virat Kohli for the way he played. Definitely, we needed to calculate the bowlers. We have done that. We changed our bowlers according to the situation, and it was Virat Kohli who took the game away. Yeah, definitely, a lot of positives. Iftikhar and Shan, for the way they played, and our bowling for the majority of the innings are a few of them. We need to put this one back and come hard next time."  
Virat Kohli | Player of the Match: "Well, I can't hear. Well, Thank You Sir. It's a strange atmosphere." I'm at a loss for words. I'm not sure how that happened. Hardik kept telling me to believe that we could make it to the end. I'm at a loss for words. When Shaheen bowled from the Pavilion end, I told Hardik that we needed to take him out. The calculation was straightforward. Nawaz had one over to bowl, so they'd panic if I took Haris out. It came down to 16 against 6. I'm at a loss for words. [Off Rauf's two sixes:] I just saw it instinctively and told myself to stay still. The one at long-on was a slower ball from the back of the length. The one at long-on was a slower ball from the back of the length. I just threw my bat at the fine leg one. I used to say that Mohali was my best T20 innings. Then I got 82 off 52, and now I'm getting 82 off 53. Both are equally unique. But for the magnitude of the game, I would crown this right up at the top. Throughout the months when I was struggling, you guys [the audience] kept me going. Thank you a lot." 

Earlier in the match, India won the toss and opt to bowl first on a greenish, rock-solid track at MCG๐ŸŸ. Both Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam were out cheaply in the powerplay. In that, the Pakistani skipper was trapped dead plumb by Arshdeep Singh in the second over for a golden duck๐Ÿฆ†. But a counter-attack from Iftikhar Ahmed (51 off 34) came out of the box๐Ÿ—ƒ.

Iftikhar and Shan Masood rebuilt the stuttering innings with a partnership of 76 runs for the third wicket. Mohammad Shami broke this stand with the wicket of Iftikhar in the 13th over. A flurry of wickets after this massive partnership reduced Pakistan to 120/7 within the 17th over. But Masood stood tall and got through his 3rd T20I fifty. Some late blisters from the Pakistan tail propelled the total past the 150 mark. Pakistan got 159 runs in 20 overs with India requiring 160 from 20 overs.

In reply, the Indian side got off to a poor start losing two of their openers early. It was KL Rahul getting chopped on off Naseem Shah and Rohit Sharma incurring an outside edge to Haris Rauf๐Ÿคญ. Suryakumar Yadav looked to counter but got out for 15 runs. Soon Axar departed and India was thrown into deep waters after a mix-up. Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli stuck around, and kept the scoreboard ticking. Hardik took against Nawaz in one of the overs in the middle stage and released the pressure for a while. 

With few boundaries hither and thither, India needed 60 runs from the last 30 balls๐Ÿ˜“. 12 runs were offered by Naseem Shah and Haris Rauf in the next two overs.

Virat Kohli smoked a few sixes, and fours and accelerated the innings in some style then. Though Hardik chewed up some balls in the end, Virat steered the scoreboard past. India needed 28 runs from 8 balls ๐Ÿ˜ถโ€๐ŸŒซ๏ธ and then the King tonked for two marvelous sixes, one to remember for ages๐Ÿ˜.

16 runs were needed from 6 balls and what followed in the next three balls were a wicket (of Hardik Pandya), a single, and a double. With 13 runs needed from 3 balls, Nawaz spilled one over the waist of Virat, who flicked one over the ropes.

6 runs were needed from 3 balls ๐Ÿคซ, which went down to 2 runs needed from 2 within minutes. Amidst the stagecraft, they lost Dinesh Karthik and three runs were offered earlier in when Virat was knocked off in a free-hit.

A wide followed and Ashwin lofted the last bowl over the fine of mid-off region for a boundary to run through the finishing line. 

5:25 PM IST| And those are the winning runs!! Tell me a better game than this in the past few years. A CLIFFHANGER, a HUMDINGER, a NAIL-BITER, whatever you may call it.

Bow down before the King!! ๐Ÿ‘‘ REMEMBER THE NAME: VIRAT KING KOHLI. Has to be one of the best acts in a game like this. A legend of the game, a messiah of the game, whatever you may call it, the dictionary shall fall short to describe this innings from a player that is going to be etched in the record books.

What an extraordinary game of cricket it has been. When it comes to the India-Pakistan rivalry, this is what we all expect. These are the moments you remember. Rohit Sharma has picked Kohli in his lap and takes a round of honor. This is certainly going down the history books.

Babar Azam and his boys, chin-up. Fought with valiance, came back into the game, and just slipt in the last phase. This is the game we all love, what we bleed, what we breathe!!

Akshaya: Billions of sings around the MCG and stand up and salute the man, Virat Kohli, the GOAT has arrived in the World Cup! 
Ravichandran Ashwin
Virat Kohli
Mohammad Nawaz
19.6 M Nawaz to R Ashwin
1 ALL BOW DOWN TO THE KING! Though this has been finished by Ashwin, King Kohli deserves utmost respect. Fuller length on the off-stump. Ashwin drives it up and over mid-off and gets the winning runs. No comments, just bow down! Here he shows there is a difference between G.O.A.T and others! 
Need 1 from 1.
19.6 M Nawaz to R Ashwin
WD WIDE! Good length fired down the leg side. Ashwin leaves and the umpire gives it a wide. The scores are level.
New batter on crease
  • RUNS163
  • SR114.00
  • AVG27.00
Oh my goodness!! What is this happening!! Stumping check!! DK is walking back.
19.5 M Nawaz to D Karthik
W ALL HAPPENING HERE! Fuller and fires it onto the pads. DK sits down on one knee and misses the slog sweep, which brushes off the pads through to Rizwan, who whips the bails off as the batter was outside the crease. Third umpire checks and gives it out as DK was way outside of crease.
2 runs needed of 2 balls and DK on strike.
This is drama at its biggest level. Kohli is bowled on free-hit and the duo has run for three runs. But will it be a run if the batter is bowled? Yes, runs are given in byes. 3 runs of byes after the umpire discusses among themselves.
19.4 M Nawaz to V Kohli
3B Darts it on the stumps. It is a yorker on the off. Virat misses a slog sweep and it deflects off the stumps to the left of Shaheen at short third and they scamper through for a triple. Byes signalled.
Still a free hit.