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NAM vs NED 5th Match, T20 WC 2022

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Netherlands won by 5 wickets 🏆
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4s: 0
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D Wiese

Econ: 8.80
17th Over:
= 0
18th Over:
= 6
Last Over:
= 8
This Over:
= 6
NEDNED - 2nd Innings
6 Over 3851
10 Over 7968
15 Over 10196
NAMNAM - 1st Innings
6 Over 4333
10 Over 5756
15 Over 9481
20 Over 130121


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Inn 2
That is an end to another mouth-watering contest here in Geelong. Netherlands make it two wins in two matches. They have Sri Lanka up next. While, for Namibia, they need to beat UAE by a big margin to make sure that they have a chance to qualify for the next round. 

For now, this is AkshayaKrishna Polya, who, alongside my co-commentator, Probuddha Bhattacharjee and scorer/analyst Zeeshan Naiyer brought you all the live actions of this thriller. We will meet in the next game between Sri Lanka and UAE. So, till then, cheers..!
Scott Edwards | Netherlands Captain: "Yeah, happy to be winning two close contests. We were under a bit of pressure after the loss of a few wickets in the middle. It was a good batting performance by Leede. He is a good player and performs consistently. Need to be on our toes in the next game. Hope that we do well."  
Gerhard Erasmus | Namibia Captain: "Yeah, it was a close game. Ended up on the losing side. Netherlands were a bit better than us in the game. They played well. We were a bit a few runs short, to be honest. Needed to connect well with the bat. Yeah, will comeback in the next game."
Bas de Leede | Player of the Match: "Thanks. Yeah, well take a bit of experience from the previous game. I have done it again. So, happy with the way we won this. There were pressures on us at the end. We lost wickets in the latter half of the innings. Should learn from these mistakes. It is nice to get two tight games to your way. Need to learn and hope that the third one goes your way as well"
12:44 PM IST | Earlier, Namibia won the toss and decided to bat first. Throughout their innings the batter looked uneasy at the crease and was not able to get off the blocks. 

Jan Frylinck was once again the highest scorer for the team as he scored 43 runs off 48 balls. His innings was the only bit of resilience seen from the Namibian batting order. While all the bowlers for Netherlands were on the money, the pick of their bowlers was Leede who picked up 2 wickets for 18 runs in his three overs. 

Namibia in the end managed to reach a total of 121 runs in their 20 overs for the loss of 6 wickets. 

Netherlands while chasing the target started off brilliantly. Vikramjit Singh (39 off 31) gave them the launchpad which made the already small target appear even smaller. He was dismissed in the 9th over by Scholtz and after that Netherlands lost a bit of momentum. 

In the 14th over O’Dowd was the second man to go at the score of 92 runs. From there on the match suddenly changed complexion. There was a double wicket over followed by a maiden wicket over which put the Netherlands under pressure. In the last two overs Netherlands needed 14 runs to win. 

But in the end the orange army was able to hold their nerves and get across the line in the last over. With just 3 balls left in the match, Netherlands won the match by 5 wickets. De Leede scored the winning runs for the team in the 3rd ball of the final over. 

With this win Netherlands solidify their claim to the Super 12. The group is now wide open for either Sri Lanka or Namibia to go through as the second team.

19.3 D Wiese to Leede
2 Fuller length on the middle stump. De Leede pushes it to the left of the fielder at long-on for a couple as they make it 2 in 2. Netherlands win by five wickets. They have beaten the table toppers!
19.2 D Wiese to Leede
0 Short and over the right shoulder of the batter. De Leede leaves it alone. One bounce for the over signalled.
19.1 D Wiese to Leede
4 FOURR!! That should be the final nail in the coffin. Over the wicket. Length delivery and around the off. De Leede dances down the track and hits it off the bottom half of the bat over the mid-off for a boundary. Despite the attempt from the mid-off it trickles away to the fence.
Six runs required of the last over. From an easy chase the match has changed its complexion very quickly. David Wiese has been trusted with this over.
Tim Pringle
Bas de Leede
JJ Smit
18.6 J Smit to T Pringle
2 Fuller length around the off. Pringle goes hard and gets outside half of the bat. In the air and over the infield at extra covers for a couple.
18.5 J Smit to Leede
1 Good length on the off-stump. De Leede clears his front leg and mistimes the pull down to deep mid-wicket for a single.
Tim Pringle in a hurry to reach the crease stumbles over the stumps. Saves his wicket somehow.
18.4 J Smit to T Pringle
1 Back of a length and outside the off. Pringle mistimes the slap down to mid-off. Pringle dives and takes the non-striker's end stumps along with him. Hope everything is okay. But a run nonetheless.
18.3 J Smit to T Pringle
2 Good length angling into the batter. Pringle flicks in the air and over the leaping short mid-wicket fielder for a couple.
18.2 J Smit to Leede
1 Good length outside the off. De Leede comes down the track and pushes it through covers for a single.
18.1 J Smit to T Pringle
1 Around the wicket. Good length angling into the middle stump. Pringle tucks it to the left of the short mid-wicket for a single as the fielder slides and misfields.
14 runs required of the last two overs, exciting.
Bas de Leede
Tim Pringle
David Wiese