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ASL vs WG Final, LLC 2022

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World Giants won by 25 runs 🏆
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4s: 0
6s: 1
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M Yousuf
4s: 1
6s: 4
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K Pietersen

Econ: 14.75
18th Over:
= NaN
Last Over:
= 11
This Over:
= 20
ASLASL - 2nd Innings
6 Over 6459
10 Over 104112
WGWG - 1st Innings
6 Over 6164
10 Over 10294
15 Over 157172
20 Over 235256


Inn 1
Inn 2
That's all we have today for you guys! A great day of cricket and a finish to the tournament. But don't worry, Do join us for some thrilling cricket from all around the globe. It's me, Jatin Sachdeva, along with my fellow commentators Ajay Ahire and Anmol, signing off for the day!
Till then stay safe, Bye-bye.
Morne Morkel ( Legend of the tournament): "Happy with the performance and with the resulting team got. We had 15 fit players in the dugout and the fight was on for the playing eleven but I'm happy that I played my part well and will work on my fielding more and come out better next time."
Corey Anderson (Legend of the match): "It's been a great competition. Hopefully, we will come back next time and do well here. I was always trying to play long and keep on scoring. Not much pressure in this league so enjoyed the batting here. Great effort by the boys to win the inaugural season. Enjoyed my time here at Muscat."
Kevin Pietersen: "Amazing feeling. It's been a nice couple of weeks for us. Enjoying in Muscat really beautiful place to explore. Played some golf here so all went well for us. All of us want to enjoy and win the tournament here. Sharing dressing rooms with the legends was a great feeling. Winning the trophy has to be my favorite memory of this season. The guys are enjoying here so can't wait to get hands on the trophy."
Coming to the chase Asia lions started really well with Dilshan and Jayasuriya putting on a fifty run stand for the first wicket, where Jayasuriya scored 38 off just 23 and Dilshan made 25 off 16 and as the first wicket went down World Giants managed to take in regular interval, never allowing Asia to build another big partnership due to Asia started to lack behind and suffered a defeat by 25 runs in this final.

Some contributions too from Tharanga 25(16), Afghan 24(10), Rafique 22(18), and Yousuf 39(21) but still weren't enough to take their team home and lift the trophy.

Talking about World Gaint bowler Albie Morkel was the pick of the bowler taking 3/35 off his spell of four and a couple of wickets for Monty Panesar, who bowled a tight line and a wicket each for Sidebottom and Morne Morkel helping in getting their team home and lifting that trophy and not to forget good captaincy from Sammy again, adding one more trophy to his name.
So right there, World Gaint has won the match by 25 runs and tournament too.

Here's a short brief of what all had happened today in this final match of legends league cricket.
Asia Lions won the toss and asked World Gaint to bat first and to open for them came KP and Mustard, KP started really well and put on a 51 run stand for the first wicket and played well for his 48 off just 22 balls and after that 2 wickets well in quick but from there onwards, Anderson and Haddin took the responsibility and Haddin departed after playing a good knock of 37 off just 16 balls and Anderson, on the other hand, stood firm till the last ball and scored 94 runs off just 43 balls and after their partnership and some blistering knock from the skipper of 38 from 17 balls and an 18 for Albie Morkel and due to all of this great batting from World Gaint legends their team manages to put on a massive target of 257 for the Asia Lions.
overall a great batting display from the World Giants

Talking about Asia Bowler and Kulasekara was the pick of the bowler picking 3/45 off his four-over and a wicket each for Vaas and Muralitharan.
Others all went just for lots of runs.
World Giants are the Champion.
World Giants win by 25 runs and they are the Champions of this Legends League Cricket.
Asia Lions
Muttiah Muralitharan
Mohammad Yousuf
Kevin Pietersen
19.6 K Pietersen to M Muralitharan
0 A dot ball here and with that the World Giants are the champions of the inaugural Legends league cricket. Yorker length on the off stump line from Pietersen. Murali digs it back towards the bowler. In the end, they beat the Asia Lions by 25 runs. Good all-around cricket from the World Giants. And they are celebrating the win with a broad smile on their faces.
19.5 K Pietersen to M Muralitharan
6 SIXX!! Murali has hit that one into the stands and they are all laughing here. A good strike from the veteran. Off break on a fuller length on the off stump line. Murali advances down the track and smokes it over the deep midwicket for a maximum here.
19.4 K Pietersen to C Vaas
W WICKET!! Bowled him!! Vaas departs here and Pietersen gets the breakthrough here. He bowls the off-break this time a bit quicker in the air. Vaas uses his feet and tries to slog across the line and misses that one on the stumps here. He departs for 15 and they are 8 down now. Pietersen gets the revenge here and he is happy.
19.3 K Pietersen to C Vaas
2 Only a single this time. Fuller on the pads. Vaas clips it towards the midwicket for a single. Another run collected here thanks to overthrow. 
19.2 K Pietersen to C Vaas
6 Another maximum from Vaas. Fuller length again on the middle and leg. Vaas advances down the track and smashes it over the deep midwicket for a six. Vaas is striking them really well here. 12 runs from first 2 balls. 
19.1 K Pietersen to C Vaas
6 SIXX!!! Vaas also collects a maximum here. Tossed up from Pietersen on the off. Vaas uses his feet and smokes it over the wide of long on for a maximum here. What a way to begin the last over of the tournament from Chaminda Vaas.
Asia Lions
Mohammad Yousuf
Chaminda Vaas
Ryan Sidebottom
18.6 R Sidebottom to M Yousuf
0 A dot ball to end the over here. Slower ball on a good length on the line of the stumps. Yousuf misses the inside-out shot to the keeper. A wicket and 11 runs from the over.