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CV vs FRB Final, BPL 2022

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Comilla Victorians won by 1 run 🏆
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18th Over:
= 2
Last Over:
= 6
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= 8

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Sunil Narine
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Sunil Narine Jersy
P'ship : 14(10)
Last Wkt :   Najmul Hossain Shanto 12(15)


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The BPL has entertained us thoroughly, not only did we witness the T20 sensations and greats from around the world but the tournament has also helped unearth some hidden gems. Shobidul Islam, Tanvir Islam and Shykat Ali just to name a few. This was it from our side of the coverage and presentation. We bid you farewell now as this season of BPL draws to a close but we will be there with you to bring you all the live updates and scoop from cricket action around the world. This was Anmol Ahuja along with Arjun Singh, Azhar Mohamed and Zeeshan Naiyer..until next time folks, goodbye.

Shakib Al Hasan, Player of the Series: Was a very good game of cricket, both teams made mistakes, but in the end Comilla held their nerves, credit goes to them. Shykat Ali played a great innings, it was a good game for him. But in the end we couldn't get over the line. We came back really well after Sunil's innings. Credit goes to our bowlers to come back from that situation, they have bowled really well throughout the tournament. It's not easy bowling in the last 2-3 overs. Credit goes to Sunil for that over. We have to come back stronger next year. It was a good tournament for me personally but I would have loved to lift the trophy more than anything else.

Sunil Narine, Player of the Match: I think this (achievement) is the most important. At the start of the tournament, this is where you want to end up. Credit goes to all the boys. The wicket assisted a bit, and the pressure of the game helped a bit. Good effort from the guys, they deserve it. It was too close for comfort, but the spectators got what they wanted and in the end cricket is the winner. Looking forward to coming back next time.

ITS THE COMILLA VICTORIANS!!!!!!!!!! They win it by the barest of margins. The raw emotions of the game from ecstasy to agony as the commentators on the air puts it. Shohidul Islam the villian, Shohidul Islam the hero..Where do we start folk. An excellent last over, the young man had just 10 to defend off the final over and he held his nerves. No one gave the Victorians a realistic chance to be honest and they said watch us.

It came down to the final over and the foundation for that was laid by two T20 superstars of the game. It was 18 off 18 and it was Barishal's game to loose from that point. They still had Dwayne Bravo at the crease but Sunil Narine the magician got the better of him and outfoxed him to dismiss him on the very first ball. Mustafizur and Narine gave away just 8 off 18th and 18th over and picked up two wickets. 

The Barishals were 82/2 at the half-way mark and it was their game to loose from that point onwards. Its really hard to pin-point where it all changed, this game has ebbed and flowed throughout. The Victorians though displayed an indomitable will to fight and they are the champions and deservedly so.

Earlier in the day we talked about how chasing in a final puts added pressure and we saw that today. The Victorians won the toss and elected to bat first. Narine came out with all guns blazing and led his side to a dominating position at the end of the powerplay, they had 73 runs on the board and they had just lost Narine who had scored 57 off just 23 deliveries. 

Victorians had the game in their grasp but then everything started going downhill, Faf edged one back to the bowler and they were reduced to 94-5 from a position of absolute strength. Moeen Ali hung in there though and bided his time, he hung in there until the very end to help his side post a respectable total. They finished with 151 from their quota of 20 overs which was definitely below par.

Victorians dismissed Shahriar in the second over but that bought out the substitute Shykat Ali to the crease. The exuberant young man played with freedom and expressed himself to the fullest. He matched Narine for blow for blow. Such was the impact of his innings that even the Universe Boss took a backseat. 

Fortune finished the powerplay with 51-1 and had the momentum. Shykat Ali continued to pile on runs after that it was Tanvir Islam who finally got rid of him in the 10th over.  At the halfway mark the Fortune just needed 71 runs with 8 wickets in hand. 

Chris Gayle flexed his arms in the next few overs but the skipper bought back Narine who had Gayle trapped right in front. Islam came in a few overs later and landed another decisive blow when he dismissed Shakib-al-Hasan.

It came down to 27 off 24 deliveries and it was still Fortune's game. They kept ticking along but as it turned out they were up against the brilliance of Narine and the Fizz in the final few overs. 

What a day to be Sunil Narine, you come out to bat and lead your side to a dominant position and then see it all undone before your very own eyes.He didn't give up though and delivered every single time the captain fell back upon him.

Talking about the captain, in a set-up that Faf du Plessis, Moeen Ali, Sunil Narine. Kayes did his job to perfection, he failed to have an impact with the bat but the way he marshalled his troops and made changes to the bowling, he did a commendable job. 

We hear phrases like "thrilling encounter", " going right down to the wire" and others but this game was that and much more. The emotions just the raw emotions we experienced watching this game, we can't even begin to imagine what these two sides must be going through. 

Ladies and Gentlemen the undisputed champions of Bangladesh Premier League 2022 and deservedly so Comilla Victorians..!!!
Fortune Barishal
Mujeeb Ur Rahman
MD Shohidul Islam
19.6 Islam to T Hridoy
W Full length delivery wide outside off, Hridoy drives it towards extra cover region. They complete the first run and push for the second. Imrul Kayes throws it at the keeper's end, Mujeeb ur Rahman is short of his crease and is run-out. The Victorians win the match by a run. Crazy scenes at the Shere Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur. 
3 needed off the final ball, couple gets them to a super over, anything above secures the trophy!!
19.5 Islam to T Hridoy
2 Fuller delivery, Hridoy guides it towards deep mid wicket for a couple of runs. Imrul Kayes drops an easy catch, allowing the batters to pick up a couple of runs. 
19.4 Islam to T Hridoy
2 Fuller and wider delivery outside off, Hridoy plays it towards long on. Faf throws it at the wrong end, which allows them to take another run. 
There's a review for a caught behind appeal, the ball looks close to the bat, still checking, remember folks they don't have ultra edge, so its all down to wisdom of the third umpire, he reckons that he is not sure but this is close, they are checking other angles, it's a really tough decision, the umpire reckons its.. NOT OUT. No conclusive evidence to overturn the decision. The decision stays and its a wide.
19.4 Islam to T Hridoy
WD WIDE ball down the leg side. The bowling side have conceded an extra during the crucial stage of the game. 
19.3 Islam to Rahman
1 Fuller and wider delivery, Rahman plays it towards the deep cover region for another single.
19.2 Islam to T Hridoy
1 Short delivery outside off stump, Towhid plays it towards the sweeper cover for a single. 
19.1 Islam to T Hridoy
0 Full length delivery, Hridoy taps it back to the bowler. 
10 needed off the final over, anyone's game at the moment. 39 overs of cricket and we still can't differentiate between the two sides. Shohidul with weight of championship behind his back, what has he got.
Fortune Barishal
Mujeeb Ur Rahman
Towhid Hridoy
Mustafizur Rahman