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CGC vs CV Qualifier 2, BPL 2022

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Comilla Victorians won by 7 wickets 🏆
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M Ali
4s: 3
6s: 2
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F du Plessis Jersy
4s: 2
6s: 1
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Econ: 16.91
10th Over:
= 9
11th Over:
= 17
Last Over:
= 5
This Over:
= 16
CVCV - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4684
10 Over 114111
CGCCGC - 1st Innings
6 Over 4643
10 Over 6766
15 Over 99114
20 Over 156


Inn 1
Inn 2
That's it from the post match presentation. This concludes are live ball by ball coverage of a thrilling Qualifier 2! I am Anirudh, signing off on the behalf of my co-commentators Ajay and Anmol. Do join us for the final of this season's Bangabandhu Bangladesh Premier League!
Sunil Narine(Man of the Match): "No I hadn't planned that innings. I was told that only 2 fielders outside the circle and u can take the advantage of that and I did that. It's a good pitch to bat and we did that very well. Apart from personal milestones, it's important to get the team past the winning line."
Imrul Kayes (Comilla Victorians Captain): "Yes, it is a great feeling for all of us. After qualifier 1 we were down and out because we didn't expect to lost that match. Our bowlers have been good this entire tournament and they did the same again for us today. Batting wise we spoke about needing aggression at the top and that's what Sunil provided us. Moeen and Faf have been amazing ever since they have come in and we hope they continue this in the finals for us."
Afif Hossein (Chattogram Challengers Captain): "Yes, they gave us a total to fight. We didn't bowl well and I didn't bat very well. First ball wicket was a very good moment for us. After that it was not really nice. It's been a decent tournament for us and we learnt very special things. Hopefully, we'll do better in the future."
Time for the post match presentation. 
COMILLA VICTORIANS HAVE REACHED THE FINALS OF BANGABANDHU BANGLADESH PREMIER LEAGUE 2022! Congratulations to the power-house of a team! They defeat Chattogram Challengers by 7 wickets amid a thumping performance in Qualifier 2! 

Chattogram won the toss and elected to bat first in this high stakes encounter. However, they would soon regret this decision as they were reduced to 50/5 inside the first 8 overs! Their batting order came apart. However, a 51 run stand between Mehidy Hasan and Akbar Ali put them in a strong position for the slog overs. 

Comilla decided to pull things back picking up 5 wickets in the last 6 overs to restrict Chattogram to 148. We thought they have put in a decent total to have a chance in the match but how wrong were we? Chattogram started brilliantly by removing Litton Das off the very first delivery of the chase. 

Then Sunil Narine came on strike and nothing was the same after. The Caribbean All-Rounder scored 57 runs off 16 delivers including 5 fours and 6 sixes to absolutely take the game away from Chattogram. Two more wickets fell soon after the power play. But Faf and Moeen put on a 54 run stand off 49 balls to hand the victory to Comilla. 

Moeen ended the innings in style with 2 back to back sixes! We won't forget that Sunil Narine innings soon. In the end the chase was over in a blitz with 7.1 overs still to spare. 

Comilla Victorians will now face Fortune Barishal in the Final of this season's BPL! 
12.5 Islam to M Ali
6 SIXX!!! Top edge and it goes sails over the fence for a maximum here. That's it that's a win here for the Comilla Victorians. Short of a length again from Shoriful on the off stump line. Moeen Ali goes for another pull but this time he gets the top edge of the bat and it goes sails over the keepers' head for a maximum here. They beat the Challengers by 7 wickets. 
12.4 Islam to M Ali
6 SIXX!!! Moeen Ali sends that one into the stands for a maximum here. Classical Moeen Ali six this. Short of a length from Shoriful on the off. Moeen goes on the back foot and  he smokes that one over the deep midwicket for a maximum here. 
12.4 Islam to M Ali
WD A wide ball this time from Shoriful. Fuller length but he errs in the line as it goes down the leg. Needs to reload that one. 
12.3 Islam to Plessis
1 Another single here for Faf. Good length on the off. Faf taps that one on the off side for a quick single. 
12.2 Islam to M Ali
1 Short of a length on the middle and leg. Moeen Ali hangs back and pulls it towards the deep square leg for a single. 
12.1 Islam to Plessis
1 A single to begin the over from Faf. Shoriful hits the fuller length just outside the off. Faf gets the inside edge and it just goes past the stumps and it rolls away towards the keeper. They scamper for a single.
Comilla Victorians
Moeen Ali
Faf du Plessis
Nasum Ahmed
11.6 N Ahmed to Plessis
1 Similar delivery, Faf drills it through covers to retain strike for the next over. 
11.5 N Ahmed to Plessis
0 Full and outside the off stump, Faf hits it straight to the fielder at covers. 
11.3 N Ahmed to M Ali
0 Short and outside the off stump, Faf cuts it straight to the fielder at point. 
11.2 N Ahmed to M Ali
0 DROPPED! OH NO! Nasum bowls it full and on the stumps, Ali goes for a big slog sweep but mis times it to deep mid-wicket who drops the catch! 
11.1 N Ahmed to Plessis
1 Nasum begins his last over with a full delivery on the off stump, Faf pushes it down the ground towards long on for a single.