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CGC vs KT 9th Match, BPL 2022

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Khulna Tigers won by 6 wickets
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T Perera Jersy
4s: 0
6s: 0
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M Rahim
4s: 4
6s: 1
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M Hasan Miraz

Econ: 6.26
16th Over:
= 8
17th Over:
= 16
Last Over:
= 14
This Over:
= 4
KTKT - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4543
10 Over 7864
15 Over 104102
CGCCGC - 1st Innings
6 Over 4546
10 Over 7672
15 Over 11199
20 Over 142143


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With that it's good bye from our end. I am Arya Sekhar Chakraborty who with AkshayaKrishna Polya brought you all the live actions from this fascinating game. We will meet in the next match. until then it's cheers..!  
Mushfiqur Rahim, Khulna Tigers captain: " Yeah, good win. Well played from the boys. Andre played really well. Perera , yeah, was good with the ball for us. Insha'Allah we play well in the tomorrow's big game. A big game that is and our boys will be ready for the challenge."
Andre Fletcher, Man of the Match: " Yeah, there is a bit of pain. But I played in the pain also. I knew once the target was not big we could chase it easily. Boundaries here and there with singles took pressure of me and we won and happy for that." 
Mehidy Hasan Miraz,  Chattogram Challengers captain: "Yeah, the wicket was excellent you know. 170 should have been the score batting first. After six overs we need to put together a partnership but didn't happen. We will come back stronger in the next match."  
Arya: Earlier in the day, the Chattogram Challengers posted a score of 143 in their allotted 20 overs. After the early wicket of Kennar Lewis, it was the duo of Will Jacks and Afif Hossain which got the Challengers back on track. A 57 runs partnership ended when Jacks was castled by Thisara Perera. Wickets kept falling in clusters from there on and Thisara Perera was all over the oppostions. 

He used his variations to good effect and bagged three crucial wickets to curtail the run-scoring of the Challengers. It was Naim Islam and Shoriful Islam who struck some lusty blows in the last few overs to take their side to a score of 143 which they had felt was a competitive one. 

Arya: The target could have been a tricky one for the Tigers had they lost early wickets and it was exactly what happened. Soumya Sarkar was dismissed pretty early on in the innings by Shoriful Islam but it was Andre Fletcher and Rony Talukder who resurrected the run-chase and got things under control. Fletcher struck some delightful blows while Talulkder struggled a bit in the middle. 

After surviving a close LBW shout, Talukder was dismissed the very next delivery as the Tigers felt some amount of pressure. However, the required rate wasn't quite threatening and the experienced duo of Rahim and Fletcher ensured that they were slowly and steadily taking their side close to the victory target. 

After the dismissal of Andre Fletcher, Rahim took the onus on himself to get the job done for his team. He found the boundaries on a consistent basis and never allowed the required rate to creep up. Sekugge Prasanna provided the late impetus with a knock of 23 of just 15 deliveries which included two massive sixes. Eventually he was dismissed with just one run required. 
Arya: A pretty convincing win in the end for the Khulna Tigers. Riding on an impressive half-century from Andre Fletcher and some good contributions from the skipper Mushfiqur Rahim, the Tigers chased the target down with 7 deliveries to spare and registers their 2nd win of the tournament. 
18.5 M Hasan to M Rahim
1 And Tigers are across the line. Flicks this away down the midwicket region and completes a single. 
New batter on crease
  • RUNS36
  • SR180.00
  • AVG36.00
18.4 M Hasan to S Prasanna
W The man in the deep takes the catch. He could have guided that down the backward point region and taken the single but he doesn't play like that. He wanted to deal in boundaries and that brings about his downfall. That ball kept low. Outside off on a shorter length and Prasanna ends up slicing that uppishly straight down the throat of the deep point fielder. 
18.3 M Hasan to M Rahim
1 Flicks the fuller-length delivery on the pads down the deep square leg region for a single. 
18.2 M Hasan to S Prasanna
1 What a save from the cow corner fielder. The running could have been better there. Another tossed up delivery a bit too wide outside off. Prasanna again swings across the line and tries to connect. Gets it well but not good enough to get that over the fielder. A single taken in the end. 
18.1 M Hasan to M Rahim
1 Single down to long on. On a fuller length on off. Rahim nudges it to long on.
Khulna Tigers
Seekkuge Prasanna
Mushfiqur Rahim
Rejaur Rahman Raja
17.6 Raja to S Prasanna
2 In the air again, in the deep and Prasanna will pick up two runs. A slower short of a length delivery from Raja and Prasanna goes for the pull. Gets a top edge which falls in no man's land down the deep square leg region. The fielder tries to stop but to no avail and Prasanna completes an easy couple. 
17.5 Raja to S Prasanna
6 One more maximum for Prasanna and yet again that has been crunched from the middle of the bat. Again a mighty swing through the line and the ball goes well over the straight boundary. Raja ends up bowling a low full-toss. Prasanna gets it within his arc and smashes that straight down the ground for a maximum. Bat turning in his hands a bit but well over the straight boundary. Just six more needed now. 
17.4 Raja to S Prasanna
0 A brilliant yorker on this occasion. On the off-stump and Prasanna only manages to dig that out as far as the bowler. 
17.3 Raja to S Prasanna
0 A slower short of a length delivery outside off and that is left alone by Prasanna.