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HP vs TN Final, VHT 2021-22

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Himachal Pradesh won by 11 runs (VJD Method)
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R Dhawan Jersy



R Dhawan
4s: 5
6s: 1
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S Arora
4s: 13
6s: 1
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W Sundar

Econ: 4.95
45th Over:
= 7
46th Over:
= 6
Last Over:
= 7
This Over:
= 2
HPHP - 2nd Innings
10 Over 3962
15 Over 7891
20 Over 114116
25 Over 149149
40 Over 239234
45 Over 274284
TNTN - 1st Innings
10 Over 4228
15 Over 4340
20 Over 6060
25 Over 9292
30 Over 119112
35 Over 148152
40 Over 200221
50 Over 334


Inn 1
Inn 2

So that's goodbye from me, Anurag, and my partners Ajay and Anmol from the comm box. Switch tabs for the live coverage between South Africa and India. Good night and take care!!

Rishi Dhawan( Winning captain): "It was long pending and we've finally done it. Really happy. We had played a few games here, so we knew that the pitch was good and the outfield was very quick, so if we batted deep, we could chase it down. I was telling Shubham not to take any pressure, just get a single and I'll handle the pressure. Feeling really good. There is a lot of hard work involved in this. Also the administration has improved the facilities in the last few years, they have groomed the players a lot which has also helped us in this tournament"
Shubham Arora (POTM): "Credit to the management and support staff, they backed me through the tournament. They allowed me to play my natural game. The plan was to cash in during the powerplay and take the team forward. When I got to my hundred, I was determined to stay till the end. It was top class facilities and we had our eyes set on the trophy"
Shubham Arora is the player of the match in the final for his magnificent innings of 136 runs from 131 balls.
Vijay Shankar(Losing captain): "Brilliant final. We batted really well, especially DK. It was challenging to bat in the first couple of hours. To get to 314 from 40/4 was a great achievement. We did bowl well in patches. These things do happen. We've really played very well throughout the season, so a lot to take home. Himachal played outstandingly well, credit to them. I think they both played really well."
It seemed like the umpires decided to call off the play due to bad light and the Himachal players from the dugout started running but they were sent back. They are well ahead of the par score from the VJD method (11 runs) and now the players run in as the onfield umpire, Anil Chaudhary decides it's game over. 

A spectacular run chase by Himachal Pradesh to stun Tamil Nadu in the finals of the 2021 Vijay Hazare Trophy. They chase down the massive total of 315 with 4 wickets and two overs to spare to lift the prestigious title for the first time. It was measured, calculated and executed with perfection by Dhawan and co who were playing their first final in 19 years.

Earlier in the day, Tamil Nadu put 314 runs on the board and in reply Himachal were up to the mark. Prashant Chopra and Shubham Arora gave a fantastic start to the chase putting up a valuable 60-run partnership for the first wicket. Digvijay Rangi soo followed Chopra to the dugout and Nikhil Gangta and Arora started the repair job. 

After the dismissal of Nikhil Gangta, the opener and Amit Kumar built up a mammoth 148 run partnership to put them on the front foot. Both of them took calculative risks till they were in the middle and laid a launchpad for Rishi Dhawan who came in and toyed with the bowlers. They were well on the way to the victory before Anil Chaudhary decided there wasn't enough light for the play to continue. They were ahead of Tamil Nadu by 11 runs (VJD method) which meant Himachal will lift the Vijay Hazare Trophy for the first time. Stay tuned for the presentation ceremony. 

Ajay: Wait wait and they are checking for light here. And looks like it's not sufficient to get the play to resume. The play has been suspended here for now. And umpires have been informed that Himachal Pradesh is the winner of the Vijay Hazare trophy 2021-22.
First time in 19 years Himachal Pradesh has managed to win a Vijay Hazare Trophy.
47.3 W Sundar to S Arora
1 Back away again, and paddles it around the corner, over the skipper. 
47.2 W Sundar to S Arora
0 Dot ball, backs away to make room, Washi follows him and fires this in, no timing on the cut shot there. 
The third umpire has been called in for the run-out check. As Arora is well in here and green light shown by the the third umpire.
47.1 W Sundar to R Dhawan
1 Dabbed down to short third again, sets off for a single straight away, the man connects with the direct hit. We will go upstairs. 
Himachal Pradesh
Shubham Arora
Rishi Dhawan
Murugan Ashwin
46.6 M Ashwin to R Dhawan
1 Rocks back and pulls this one along the carpet towards the man at deep-midwicket. 
46.5 M Ashwin to R Dhawan
2 2 runs, Dhawan goes aerial this time, falls in no man's land. Trots back for a couple. 
Ohhh man the simplest of catch in the world has been dropped by Jagdeeshan. The pressure of finals is certainly on.
46.4 M Ashwin to S Arora
1 Drop. The gods are smiling down upon Arora today, a tired looking slog sweep and the man at mid-off spills a sitter. 
46.3 M Ashwin to R Dhawan
1 Tossed up again, tries to slog it, this one goes straight to mid-wicket along the ground. 
46.2 M Ashwin to S Arora
1 Short and wide, pushing through. Cut past the covers region, easy single.