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CANT vs WEL Elimination Final, Super Smash 21-22

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Canterbury won by 6 wickets
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17th Over:
= 16
18th Over:
= 4
Last Over:
= 22
This Over:
= 9
63 (25)44 (30)6 3 3 2 252.00 146.67
P'ship : 98(45)
Last Wkt :   Cole McConchie 0(2)
2-203.3 5.71
CANTCANT - 2nd Innings
6 Over 5756
10 Over 8983
15 Over 126125
WELWEL - 1st Innings
6 Over 5364
10 Over 9696
15 Over 137143
20 Over 201190


Inn 1
Inn 2
That's a wrap to our coverage of the Elimination Final live from Dunedin. Do join us on Saturday at Seddon Park, Hamilton for the Grand Finale featuring the Northern Brave and Canterbury Kings and for all cricket around the globe on our brilliant cricket network. For now, this is Ayan Chatterjee signing off on behalf of my co-commentators Ajay Ahire and Rahul Krishnamurthy. Till next time, stay safe, happy, and cool and get vaccinated. We shall see you shortly. TA-TA! and ADIOS! 
Cam Fletcher for his 63 runs off 25 balls has been chosen as the Dream11 GameChanger of the Match. 
What a superb finish we have had here at the University Oval in Dunedin. The Canterbury Kings are into the finals of the Super Smash 2021-22. A partnership of 98 of 48 balls between Carter and that man Fletcher does it for the Kings. Cam Fletcher, take a bow! 63 off 25 balls and Leo Carter was also unbeaten on 44 off 30 balls to seal the deal for the Kings. 

Chad Bowes set it up at the top with 51 off 41 balls. Tom Latham scored 16 off 5 balls while Daryll Mitchell struggled with his 11 off 14 balls. Leo Carter anchored the innings with his 44 off 30 balls but Cam Fletcher with his amazing 63 off 25 balls with 6 fours and 3 sixes sealed the deal for the Kings out of nowhere as the defending champions have been knocked out of the competition. 

For the Wellington Firebirds, Peter Younghusband was the best bowler with his 2-20 in 3.3 overs. A wicket apiece for Logan Van Beek and Rachin Ravindra. But the pacers went the distance especially towards the end of the game. A sensational game that has been sealed by the Canterbury Kings thanks to the Game changer Cam Fletcher. What an innings this has been once again. 

Earlier in the game, we saw 74 off 52 balls from Devon Conway who continues his merry ways with the bat whether batting at the international or domestic level. Finn Allen went for 12 off 4 balls in the first over after hitting two sixes. The skipper of Wellington led from the front as Michael Bracewell scored 81 off 54 balls with 6 fours and 4 sixes. Jimmy Neesham contributed with 16 off 10 balls at the end of the innings. 

For the Canterbury Kings bowlers, Matt Henry picked up 2 wickets in his first over but went for 47 runs as he went the distance. Shipley contributed with 1 for 21 in his f4 overs. The skipper McConchie contributed with a very economical spell of 4 overs for 24 runs despite not picking up a wicket. Todd Astle went for runs 20 in his 2 overs, so did Daryll Mitchell 41 runs in 3 overs and Ed Nuttall 37 runs in 3 overs. But their bowlers did enough to restrict the Firebirds to 190 which was par. But on a pitch which was a road and small boundaries, it was always a challenge to defend it. They tried their best but in the end, it was the Kings who got home in a whirlwind finish. 

So, the Canterbury Kings win by 6 wickets with 3 balls to spare. They will meet the Northern Brave in the final on Saturday. 
Its all over!! Carter finishes off with a six. Fletcher's swashbuckling knock of 63 and this 98-run partnership take Canterbury to the Final to face off against Northern Knights.
19.3 P Younghusband to L Carter
6 SIXX!!! Sealed with the six from Carter. They pulled off an emphatic win here and made it to the final. Tossed up on the leg stump line. Carter uses the feet and reaches the pitch of the ball. Gets the power behind it and whips it over the deep midwicket for a maximum here. Ohh what a batting at the end from Fletcher and Carter. They beat the Firebirds here by 6 wickets and they are into the finals for the second time in history.
19.2 P Younghusband to C Fletcher
1 A single here from Fletcher. Tossed up just outside the off. Fletcher digs it towards the extra cover for a single.
19.1 P Younghusband to C Fletcher
2 A couple of runs on the first ball. Fuller outside the off. Fletcher drives it towards the wide of long-off for a brace here. Brilliant running from both the batters. 
Oh my word!! This has got from bad to worse for Wellington pacers. Beek spills 22 runs off his last over. Cameo Fletcher is on fire!! Need 9 runs off 6 balls. Younghusband with the last over here.
Leo Carter
Cam Fletcher
Logan van Beek
18.6 Beek to L Carter
4 FOUR!!! What a way to end the over from Carter. 22 runs from the second last over. Beek bowls the full toss outside the off. Carter gets deep in the crease. And plays that one past the deep extra cover for a four here. 9 needed now from last over. 
18.5 Beek to C Fletcher
1 Only a single this time. Fuller again on the off. Fletcher pushes it towards the long-on for a single.
18.4 Beek to C Fletcher
4 FOUR!!! Over the top and cut away for a four here. Fuller length outside the off from Beek. Fletcher reaches for that one and slashes it over the point fielder for a four here. 
Fletcher brings up his quick fire fifty off just 21 balls with a huge maximum.
18.3 Beek to C Fletcher
6 SIXX!!!! He is keeping them in the game here. In the slot from Beek on the off stump line. He backs away and gets behind that one. As he smokes it over the deep midwicket for a maximum here. 
18.2 Beek to C Fletcher
4 FOUR!!! Superb shot here from Fletcher. Fuller length outside the off from Beek. He reaches for that one and slashes it hard past the point fielder for a four here.
Bracewell has put down a difficult chance of what would have been a big wicket of Fletcher.
18.1 Beek to C Fletcher
2 A couple of runs here for Fletcher. In the air andit lands short of the fielder running in from deep cover. Fuller length outside the off from Beek. Fletcher gets the outside half of the bat.
18.1 Beek to C Fletcher
WD Wide ball to begin the over. Hits the fuller length but misses the tramline here. Outside the off.