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RCB vs SRH 52nd Match, IPL 2021

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Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 4 runs
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4s: 0
6s: 0
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4s: 1
6s: 1
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Econ: 6.25
18th Over:
= 11
Last Over:
= 5
This Over:
= 8
RCBRCB - 2nd Innings
6 Over 4637
10 Over 6567
15 Over 10598
SRHSRH - 1st Innings
6 Over 4650
10 Over 8076
15 Over 116107
20 Over 154141


Inn 1
Inn 2
That concludes our coverage for the day. This is Arjun Bhalla signing off on the behalf of my fellow mates Akshay Bhide, Anurag Dasgupta and Anurag Singh. See you tomorrow for a cracking double-header Thursday. Till the next time, ta-ta and goodnight.
Kane Williamson: The heart was there. It was always there. The surfaces here are tough to play. The conditions are challenging and to see the fight and the heart in the second half was great to see. I was trying to maximize the powerplay on this pitch. The ball held on the surface and you had to take a couple of steps back to go forward again. We got to a challenging total. He’s seeing the ball better than anyone. Nice to dismiss him one way or the other. To close it out at the death, for us to show up that fight, after knowing that we are out of the contention, was great to see. Umran certainly is special. He is certainly special. We have seen him in the nets for a couple of seasons. Been a really valuable addition to the side. I try to keep it really simple with him but he's got a lot of mates in the team and they share the message and he takes the game on. It's been a challenging season and it's been some great opportunities for some youngsters. We've had a lot of last-over finishes and being on the right side of those is clearly helpful. But one thing tonight is it was satisfying for the group.
Kane Williamson bags the Man of the Match award. 
Bhuvneshwar KumarMy hand is alright. I got hit on it thrice, after I dropped a catch as well, but the hand seems okay for now. I won’t say that I wasn’t under pressure. When AB bats, I was thinking about the process. I was trying to bowl wide yorkers. I bowled a yorker at the stumps and got hit for a six and then again went back to wide yorkers. Look if you look at the score, that was on the lower side. We were obviously 15-20 runs short but, the way everyone bowled was tremendous.
Virat KohliThe intent was always there. After losing too many wickets up front, rebuilding was crucial. Maxi's run out was the key moment for us. With AB you're never out of the game, but it's also a case of keeping the guy in the flow on strike. Shahbaz I think played a crucial knock at the stage and pulled us back into the game. It's a game of small margins. Things could have gone anywhere and Sunrisers held their nerves to not allow us to get away. Chahal's bowling pretty well now. Looks like he's worked on his bowling with all the time off. His bowling well is a good sign for the team. (Umran Malik) good to see a guy bowling at 150 clicks. It's important to understand the progress of individuals from here, how to look after yourself. We've got to maximise the potential of our fast bowling stocks. Whenever you see talent like this, you need to nurture them. Little hiccup in the journey but we will carry on with the same momentum. And that has been what we have done throughout this tournament.
This innings saw various seesaw rides but it was SRH who finished on top! While defending a mere total of 142 runs, Hyderabad’s bowlers poured their hearts out and it was their day at last, unlike this season of IPL.

The second innings began alluringly with a trademark Virat Kohli cover-drive, on ball one, but Bhuvneshwar Kumar took his revenge by removing his India captain in that very over. Then came Dan Christian but got only last for four deliveries. The next man in was KS Bharat, who cracked two oomphing boundaries off Kaul, but was outclassed by Malik’s sheer pace. 

Bangalore were down and under at 38-3 in 6.5, when Maxwell turned out to help Padikkal. The young southpaw anchored around the Big Show, as the duo notched an important stand of 54 off 44 for the Royal Challengers. Alas, the Aussie was removed by a tracer bullet-alike throw by Williamson and then the opener followed, while turning up the heat against Rashid Khan. 

SRH had two new batters on strike, ABD and Shahbaz tried to take the toll and played tidy cameos for their franchise. Alas it wasn’t sufficient as the last two astonishing overs were where SRH made things happen. Holder bowled the over of the day, when he foxed Ahmed, a couple of times, before taking him finally. Followed by a Bhuvneshwar Kumar a game-sealing 20th over.

Royal Challengers Bangalore
George Garton
AB de Villiers
Bhuvneshwar Kumar
19.6 B Kumar to Villiers
1 Just a single and SRH win the game by 4 runs. ABD couldn't take his side across the line as SRH hold their nerves in the end. A low full toss outside off, ABD drills it straight to Rashid at deep covers. What a dramatic end to this contest.
6 off the last ball!!
19.5 B Kumar to Villiers
0 A low full toss outside off and ABD drills it straight to Williamson on the edge of the circle at covers. A dot ball. Six needed off the last ball. 
19.4 B Kumar to Villiers
6 SIXXX!!! That's what ABD can do. Bhuvi bowls it in the slot on the stumps, ABD stands still and smokes it straight back over the bowler's head for a maximum.
19.3 B Kumar to Villiers
0 Attempts a wide yorker but bowls a low full toss as ABD drills it straight to the sweeper in the off side. ABD denies the single.
19.2 B Kumar to G Garton
1 Garton connects and brings ABD back on strike. A full ball outside off, Garton reaches out to it to slice it towards the sweeper in the off side for a single.
19.1 B Kumar to G Garton
0 Bhuvi starts the last over with a dot. A slower ball outside off, Garton swings at it and fails to get any bat to it. 
Arjun: RCB need 13 runs off the last over. ABD is off-strike. Jason Holder has made the game for SRH here. We are heading into another nail-biting 20th over. IPL is serving its very famous dish.
Royal Challengers Bangalore
AB de Villiers
George Garton
Jason Holder
18.6 J Holder to Villiers
0 Dot Ball. A precious Dot Ball for SRH. A yorker outside off, ABD shuffles across and tries to scoop it over square leg but misses and gets hit on the pads. He wanted the single but Holder was quick to the ball denying him the run. 
18.5 J Holder to G Garton
1 Another slower bumper on the stumps, Garton pulls it and gets a top edge in the square leg region for a single. ABD back on strike.