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OIW vs SBW Final, The Hundred W 2021

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Oval Invincibles Women won The Hundred (W) 2021
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L Bell
4s: 1
6s: 0
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C Rudd
4s: 0
6s: 0
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M Kapp

Econ: 2.50
17th Five:
= 6
18th Five:
= 2
19th Five:
= 5
20th Five:
= 4
SBWSBW - 2nd Innings
25 Balls3011
50 Balls4021
OIWOIW - 1st Innings
25 Balls3021
50 Balls11552
75 Balls8579
100 Balls115121


Inn 1
Inn 2
So that's goodbye from me, Arjun Bhalla and my partners for the day - Anurag Singh and Anurag Dasgupta from this comm box.  But you don't go anywhere, the party is not over yet. Hang in with us for The Hundred Men final, that is between Southern Brave and Birmingham Phoenix. 
Dane van Niekerk | MVP: If you have a group of incredible players, it makes my life easier. I don't have to look after them at all and I can concentrate on my game. I think the MVP should go to each and every one of them. A lot of players put in a lot of hard yards to perform for their team and their families. You need to back that and trust that what you've done is enough. I think I batted really slowly and put the team on the back foot today but the quality of our bowling has taken us through all tournament.
The Women's Hundred MVP is Dane van Niekerk.
Marizanne Kapp: First of all I'd just like to thank Jesus Christ because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be standing here. I was tired but Shabby kept me going and the pitch suited my bowling. I said yesterday that I believed whoever won yesterday would win today and luckily it was us. I think it just shows what a brilliant team we have. I would love to bowl here again. The ball moved quite a bit and if I stuck to my strengths I'd get a few wickets today.
Hero of the Match goes to Marizanne Kapp. 
Dane van Niekerk becomes the first person to get her hands on the HUNDRED Trophy. Emotions are all over the place. Oval's players are running, jumping, hugging. They are living their dream that has just come true. 
Winning captain, Dane van NiekerkI don't have words at the moment. If you told me that would happen at the end of the day I would have taken it. First congrats to Southern Brave, they set the standard all tournament. It's a childhood dream to play a final at Lord's, to play any game at Lord's, but to play a final and win it is what dreams are made of. [Kapp] is a big match player. I told her last night that she always steps up on the big stage. She's really tired but she pushed through and I'm really proud of her. I thought we were a bit short especially with Southern Brave's batting but we backed our strength all tournament which has been our bowling.

The Invincibles, who came into the final by bowling out Phoenix on 96, bettered their performances in the last showdown. Marizanne Kapp provided them the first magic as the Protea scalped the first three Brave wickets in her first two sets, putting the batting on 2 for 3 and soon it became 11 for 4 as Taylor threw Bouchier under the bus. Wellington was removed by Ismail. Capsey undid captain Shrubsole. And Taylor became van Niekerk's prey. And Brave were left to 29 for 7. 

Fritha Morris showed some resistance as she consumed 26 balls to score her precious 23 runs. She shared a crucial partnership of 33 runs with Tara Norris, but the latter was removed by Carsey. It was again like a castle of cards. Morris got run out on the very next ball. And Lauren Bell became the last wicket to fall, as they got bowled out on 73.

Invincibles are out into the huddle and celebrating it hard. Kapp is emotional, while captain Dane van Niekerk has her fist pumping
 the air to celebrate. While Invincibles' player is jumping and cherishing this victory. They done it. They have made history. Invincibles become the maiden women's Hundred champions in front of nearly 20000 people at the Lord's.
YESS!!! We have got the winners of the inaugural women’s Hundred. Congratulations, Oval Invincibles. They surely were the better team today and deserve every onus of this victory. They have defended a par total - 121 runs - as it turned out to be a mammoth one for Southern Brave in the second-half. The verdict is out! Invincibles have thrashed Brave by 48 runs to take the final glory!
98b M Kapp to L Bell
W OUT!!! Oval Invinclibles lift the 2021 Hundred Women's title. Kapp ends the night with 4 wickets. Fires in a full delivery on the money, Bell gives himself room but makes no contact as the ball hits the top of leg stump. You miss, I hit from Marizanne Kapp.
97b M Kapp to L Bell
0 Bangs in short to Bell who makes room. In the end she tries to sway away from it but gets caught on the shoulders.
96b M Kapp to L Bell
4 FOUR!!! Bell surprises Kapp with a boundary, In the slot onto the stumps, Bell makes room and smacks it past extra cover for a boundary. 
Last 5 deliveries of the tournament. Kapp back into the attack.
19th Five
Southern Brave Women
Lauren Bell
Carla Rudd
Tash Farrant
0-12(20 b)
95b T Farrant to L Bell
0 Excellent spell from Farrant comes to an end. Fires in a yorker outside off as Bell fails to make any contact.
94b T Farrant to L Bell
0 Nails in a yorker following Bell who makes room as she digs it out to the covers.
93b T Farrant to C Rudd
1 Bangs in short and hammered straight to deep mid wicket for just a single.
92b T Farrant to C Rudd
2 In the air and it lands safely!! Length delivery in the channel, Rudd goes for the big heave and slices it straight in the air towards the mid wicket region for two more.
91b T Farrant to C Rudd
2 Overpitched in the slot, Rudd slaps it wide of long on and comes back for an easy couple of runs.