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Ubaidullah Muhammad

EMI37 yrs
batting styleright-arm medium Bowler
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TVS vs GMS, T204 (3)
TVS vs AJM, T2011 (4)
TVS vs PG, T208 (7)
TVS vs FM, T206 (3)
TVS vs AJM, T208 (3) *
TVS vs KCC, D. T107 (5) *
TVS vs KCC, T2010 (6)
TVS vs JVS, D. T100 (2)
TVS vs PG, D. T1024 (14)
TVS vs ACE 11, D. T105 (4)


TVS vs GMS, T201-42
TVS vs AJM, T200-41
TVS vs PG, T200-26
TVS vs FM, T202-26
TVS vs JVS, D. T101-17
TVS vs RT, T203-22
TVS vs GC, T200-18

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NameUbaidullah Muhammad
Birth1 Jan 1987
Ubaidullah Muhammad

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Ubaidullah Muhammad