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AUSW vs ENGW Only Match, W Ashes 2023

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ENGW 463(121.2)
Australia Women won by 89 runs 🏆
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That's it from a gritty and grueling Test match on offer from Trent Bridge. Thank you for joining our coverage. Ninaad Dixit here, saying goodbye on behalf of my co-commentator Akshay Bhide and scorer Bishal Mandal.
Alyssa Healy (Australia Captain): "Very happy. First and foremost, we got a result and are pleased to be on the right side of it. We will have to wait and see how the five-day Tests go. We have a four-day Test at the WACA and four days will be enough if it's too hot (laughs).

I got lucky with the toss. We had no doubt in batting first. We knew it was going to be tricky in the first half an hour but we stuck to our plans and batted well to post a good total.

When you got a batter who has scored 200, you know they will score big. But credit to Tamy for the way they played. We were a bit tired while bowling but there was some wear and tear as the game progressed and it helped us.

I'm a firm believer that you need some luck in cricket. I moved lower down the order and it helped me. Sophie was bowling well and we decided to stay on the crease. We were pretty chuffed with how things panned out for them, although, we would have liked more runs on the board.

Having eight bowling options is a blessing as well as a curse. But credit to Gardner for the way she bowled. The other guys are unlucky but I was just trying to keep Gardner fresh.

(On captainship) A bit stressful and some more grey hair. We have the T20s coming up and we have to be on our toes. The fingers are good and just have to manage them before we take the field again."
Heather Knight (England Captain): "Credit to Australia they did great. I think we went toe to toe with them for a long time and that was really impressive. Tammy was unbelievable. Sophie kept bowling from one end with a loss of a bowler. They really grafted hard but it was probably just a couple of sessions though we didn't do well as we could have in the last 2 days. The crowd was unbelievable. It was so good to have them back us and really some exciting cricket.

The way we came back yesterday after a tough final session on day 3 was unbelievable and we kept it simple with our plans. Credit to Australia, they came out hard at us. Captain's dream, so consistent to hold up an end and be a threat. Hardly bowled a loose ball all Test. She's tired but has done a brilliant job. To get two five-fors was really special.

We picked Lauren Filer to have an impact and she did that. She was a massive crowd favourite. My favourite moment of the match was her spell before lunch yesterday, got us back into the match. Pace does funny things.

We'll refelct on the five days, we've done some amazing stuff, won't be too down. Couple of days off then regroup in Birmingham, T20 is one of our strongest formats. Hopefully Nat Sciver-Brunt will be all right but I haven't had an update."
Ashleigh Gardner (Player of the Match): "I wouldn't have dreamt of it, to be honest but five days in the Test match and getting the result was awesome. We did a fine job as a bowling unit. As a bowling unit, we spoke of keeping the stumps in play. The English bowlers also bowled the same. Luckily for me, some kept low and some turned. It's the natural pace.

I try to bowl a bit quicker than the other spinners around the world. For me, it was just trying to keep the stumps in play. (On Healy) She was fantastic. Not only to the spinners but also to keep up to the stumps against the pacers isn't easy.

This is super-special as we will celebrate the result but we have to quickly shift our focus because we know how good England is in the T20s. I guess my role doesn't change much with T20s coming. Hopefully, I'll contribute going ahead in the series."
Player of the Match: Ashleigh Gardner
5:02 PM IST, 12:32 PM Local time: Australia have wrapped up a brilliant victory by 89 runs and have registered 4 points in this multi-format Ashes series with Ashleigh Gardner picking 12 wickets to destroy the England batting order in both the innings.

Quick recap to the Test match: Australia won the toss and elected to bat first putting up a mammoth 473 on a flat track with Annabel Sutherland scoring 137 not out alongside Ellyse Perry's 99 and Tahlia McGrath's 61.

Sophie Ecclestone picked up 5 wickets in the first innings which was followed by a mighty double century from Tammy Beaumont (208) and brisk half centuries from Nat Sciver-Brunt (78) and Heather Knight (57) as England fell 10 runs short of the first innings Australian total.

Gardner was the hero for Australia cleaning up the England order with 4 wickets in the innings Tahlia McGrath picked up 3. Batting in the second innings, Sophie Ecclestone created history taking another five wicket haul despite half centuries from opener Beth Mooney and Alyssa Healy to put up a 268 run target.

England openers started well adding 55 for the first wicket but a collapse on day 4 saw them losing half of their side with 152 more runs to win. It was easy work for Ashleigh Gardner from there on to clean up the rest order finishing the innings with 8/66.

Gardner had 4 wickets in 3 Test matches before this game and now has 16 in 4 matches taking her record to the next level being the best spinner for the team since the last couple of years.

Australia wrap up the game by 89 runs and take a 4-0 lead in the points table with they requiring to win just 2 limited overs games to retain the Ashes. England at the other hand, have a more uphill task in front of them come the limited overs leg of the tour.
England Women
Lauren Bell
Ashleigh Gardner
48.6 A Gardner to Wyatt
W Struck in front, a huge appeal and the finger is raised. Australia complete a comprehensive victory as they beat England by 89 runs. Gardner picks her eighth wicket of the innings. Wyatt decides to send it upstairs. Over the wicket, flighted delivery on the stumps, Wyatt shuffles across the stumps and gets down on one knee to sweep it but misses. Wears it on the front pad in front of the stumps and the umpire has no hesitation in raising her finger. Looked plumb to the naked eye.
Gardner is bringing all the fielders from the deep back in.
48.5 A Gardner to L Bell
1 Quicker delivery on the stumps, Bell defends and gets a thick outside edge in the short third man region to get off the mark with a single.
Lauren Bell is the last woman to stride out for England in the Test.
48.4 A Gardner to L Filer
W Cleans her up. Seven wickets for Gardner. Bowls it slightly short around off and straightens a bit after pitching, Filer hangs back and looks to defend it but plays it inside the line of the ball. The ball sneaks past the outside edge of her bat and hits the top of the off stump. Australia are one wicket away from wrapping up this Test.
48.3 A Gardner to L Filer
0 Over the wicket, shorter delivery outside off and left alone by Filer.
48.2 A Gardner to Wyatt
1 Flighted delivery outside off, Wyatt goes for a slog sweep but gets a top edge over the keeper for a single. She wanted the second but Litchfield from short fine leg is quick to the ball.