England tour of Netherlands 2022 -   1st Match |  NED  vs  ENG
NED vs ENG 1st Match, NED vs ENG 2022
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50.0 498-4
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England won by 232 runs
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England won by 232 runs
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CRR : 5.36
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That is all from the commentary box today. Till the next time it's good-night and goodbye from me (Arya Sekhar Chakraborty), Saiprasad Kagne, Satyam Rattan along with our scorer/ analyst Zeeshan Naiyer. 
Jos Buttler, Player of the Match: Certainly feels like the form of my life, the IPL was brilliant, absolutely loved it and came back here. The World T20 went well, the Ashes was tough but no cricket for two months was refreshing. Good start for him, this environment has been solid for a few years, we have a clear cut style of play, he dosen’t want to change much, just wants to sit back and enjoy. Morgs is running the ship well. Great to see Sam Curran back in an England shirt. Trying to work out the conditions and backing my six hitting, that’s why fewer scoops.
Eoin Morgan: The last couple of days have been great. Feels good to be among this group. To post a big score like that and then Jos coming in at the end and he is a world of his own, it is absolutely amazing - probably the reason why he is the best white-ball cricketer in the world. When the guys come in and play with the mantra we have been playing for the last 6 years, it's great. We have not played a lot of 50-over cricket recently, it's important to have such situations going into the World Cup in India next year.
Pieter Seelaar: Dropping those catches, you cannot drop the best batters and we let ourselves down with the ball. It was a nice wicket and when someone like Buttler plays like that, puts a lot of pressure on you. Barmy Army was quite loud and the guys will learn from this experience. It's hard to take right now, but it's a good learning curve for the boys.
Arya- Netherlands was never in the match from the outset. Right from the word go they were always playing catch up and needed something out of this world to even think of getting close to that target. Vikramjit Singh started off with two exquisite boundaries to begin with but was dismissed soon after by Dawid Willey. The delivery shaped in and clattered onto the stumps as the batter missed it on the inside. 

Max O'Dowd and Musa Ahmed shared a 80 runs stand between them but they had one thing in their back that they were playing for a lost cause. Their shoulders had dropped already but it was nice to see these two batters spend some time out in the middle. There was a few useful contributions here and there but the batters didn't manage to get the runs in quick time. 

Scott Edwards played a valiant hand but he was well aware of the fact that it was for a losing cause. He remained unbeaten on 72 of 56 deliveries which included 5 fours and a six but he knew the rest doesn't have that skillset to give him ample support. In the end, Netherlands were bowled out for 266 in the final over. 
Arya- This has been a proper statement from England despite not fielding their best XI. What a sensational performance with the bat and then to sum it off, they had a good time with the ball as well, bagging a comprehensive 232 runs victory. 
P Boissevain

P Boissevain


c J Buttler b D Malan

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49.4 D Malan to P Boissevain
W That's the end of the game. Malan got some grip on that occasion. Length well outside off, Boissevain goes for the cut and ends up getting a faint edge straight to the keeper. Well taken. A thoroughly professional performance by England. They have annihilated Netherlands today. 
49.3 D Malan to P Boissevain
0 Slower through the air. On a length outside off and the batter misses the attempted sweep. 
49.2 D Malan to S Edwards
3 Slower through the air, on a length down the leg side. Edwards gets down on one knee. Goes for the sweep, getds a leading edge down the fine leg region and has enough time to return for a couple of runs. 
49.1 D Malan to S Edwards
2 Fuller-length delivery on the stumps, Edwards gets down on one knee and gets it down the deep fine leg region for a couple of runs. 
Sam Curran
Philippe Boissevain
Scott Edwards
48.6 S Curran to S Edwards
1 Edwards gets it down the deep for a single. 
48.5 S Curran to S Edwards
2 A couple of runs down the deep square leg region and has enough time to take a double. Short of a length slower delivery and a couple taken. 
48.4 S Curran to S Edwards
4 Fuller-length delivery on the stumps. Edwards stays in line and punches this brilliantly down the ground and gets it away past the mid-on fielder and finds the boundary. 
48.3 S Curran to S Edwards
2 Good-length delivery on the stumps and that has been swiped across the line down deep midwicket and gets a couple of runs. 
48.2 S Curran to S Edwards
4 Short of a length slower delivery a tad outside off. On the surface, Edwards gets on top of the bounce and cuts it up and over evading the backward point fielder for a boundary 
48.1 S Curran to S Edwards
0 Slower fuller-length delivery a tad outside off. Edwards goes for the reverse scoop over short third man but doesn't make any connection. 
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